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ProtectMyDoc software that gives you control to protect your intellectual information property.FileOn Permission Manager (FPM) enables users sharing sensitive documents to keep control over their documents by setting permissions prior to sending the document to recipient. FileOn Permission Manager controls the native application functionality to limit access as the receiver reviews the controlled documents. This unique desktop software includes both Sender and Receiver modules.Download and Install the software. Permissions can be set on MS Office Suite - MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint documents. Other documents and content can be included in the final package (.fpm). Create a package by giving it a name and then include the documents you want to share. Set the permissions on the documents and then send the package via e-mail, etc.Receiving the package (.fpm), the content can be opened using the FileOn Permission Manager software. If not installed download and install, the desktop software, then open the package received and double click the document that require review.

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